New Students


I hope you have found this website helpful in finding out a little bit about me before our first lesson together. If you're interested in learning more or joining my studio - continue reading for my in-take process!  I can't wait to work together soon!

Getting Started:

Free Consultation: 15-30 minutes. We will discuss logistics, expectations, structure, scheduling, etc. No singing will happen during the initial consultation. Click here to schedule now!

Trial Period: During the consultation, we will schedule 4 preliminary lessons after which we will have one more consultation to assess our work together. At this point, either party can decline to move forward with lessons, or if both parties agree, the student will be officially added to the studio roster! This gives both the prospective student and myself a chance to gauge if this is a good fit, and if not - no hard feelings! I can recommend a colleague who will be a better fit for your goals and learning style. 


Monthly (Recommended!):

4 live lessons (online or in person)

Guaranteed time slot

Monthly scheduling

Best for structured, consistent schedules


1 live lesson (online or in person)

First come first serve time slot

Week to week scheduling

Best for irregular schedules


4 video submissions

Asynchronous feedback

Flexible scheduling

Cheapest option

Best for self-paced schedules

You will need to fill this out shortly after the trial period, but go ahead and take a look at it now, so you can get an idea of what to expect. The sooner you can get this done, the better. Click the title above for the link!

Cancellation/Booking Policy:

All bookings and cancellations must be given 24 hours notice. For short notice cancellations (anything less than 24 hours), I will have to charge for half of the lesson. However, if I need to cancel last minute, the next lesson is half-off! Email works best for this type of communication. Thanks for your understanding!


How are online lessons?

Overall, not bad. In person lessons are obviously ideal because singing is a whole body event. However, so far the majority of my experience has been with teaching online lessons, and I have found success with students. I sound like a broken record, but the real indicator of your progress is going to be your practice time. In lessons, we will just tweak and refine exercises as not to form bad habits, and this can easily be done virtually.

Why a trial period and not a trial lesson?

I have found that a trial period works best for the in-take of new students because it gives us a bit more time to get a feel for each other's style of work without the pressure of committing to work together long term. This way, if one of us is having a bad day (which is totally normal with an instrument that is part of our body!), it doesn't completely rule out the possibility of working together. 

Do you recommend an hour or 30 minute lessons?

First of all, I think both are great! The main indicator of your progress is going to be how much time you spend practicing, not how long you spend in lessons. While having a bit more time allows us to dive a little deeper into ideas and get to things generally quicker, we will cover the same material in 30 minute lessons as well. The way I currently have it set up is: For hour lessons, we spend roughly 20-40 minutes warming up/vocal conditioning, and the rest is spent on repertoire. For 30 minute lessons, we alternate every week; one week on vocal conditioning, one week of a quick warm up and then repertoire work. 

What happens if you don't know something?

I will find the answer. The great thing about right now is I have access to all of my colleagues at NYU to draw on for support. This includes people in my cohort who are taking classes with me, and my professors who teach the classes. I made a vow long ago that if I wasn't sure about something in a lesson, I wouldn't push it but would seek the answer on my own time to bring back to the student. (See Teaching Journey)

Are you still auditioning/performing?

Yes! Over the summer of 2021 I performed with a Regional Theatre in Idaho, Starlight Mountain Theatre (See: Performance) I think the best way to learn is through experience, so in order to be a better teacher (and to pursue my own passion as a performer), I will actively be auditioning in New York. One of the few good things about COVID is that since it forced us to move everything online, we can continue lessons virtually even if one of us is relocated!